Fan speed on 8800GTS

By Chriss
Jul 22, 2007
  1. Hi

    Just begun to overclock my XFX 8800GTS 640mb, and was wondering what fan speed to set it as, or just to leave it as Auto (Using Riva Tuner). With auto, the temperature was around 59 Degrees at stock speeds and going up to around 67-69 underload. Changing the fan speed to a constant 80% left it idle at 53 Degrees. Would leaving it at 80% reduce the life of the card by alot compared to auto?

    Also heard someone say set it to a constant 100%, but need to be sure first.

  2. thebaronjocelin

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    To the best of my overclocking knowledge, the worst increasing the fan speed will do is increase the risk of damage to your fan. As long as the GPU shuts off based on a threshold (the maximum temperature allowed before shutdown), the card will still work - then, you can just buy aftermarket cooling if you prize the card that much.

    Don't worry about setting it to 100% if 80% is working, without artifacts or self-shutdown. However, on the 8800 there should be very few applications that really challenge your capabilities - the fan should handle all the heat well, although a lot of that depends on how well XFX made it. Read some user reviews and check the cooling lifespan.

    Also, if what you have is a decrease in performance on the same applications, while maintaining the same fan speed you have in the past, always check your heatsink and fan to make sure it is clear of dust and obstructions. Lint blockage in the microvents will cause hot air retention.
  3. Chriss

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    Thanks for your help mate.
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