Firefox IE and Chrome taking an eternity to load. Generally slow computer

By moyno85
Feb 17, 2010
  1. Hi guys, my computer is generally being painfull slow in doing anything much lately.

    Browsers take about 30 seconds to load and become active.

    I've run Adaware and Spybot scans.

    I have attached a hijack this log.

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

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  2. Bobbye

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    The only 'slow' we do in this forum is when it's caused by malware. If you would like us to check your system for malware, please follow the steps HERE.

    When you see the link for HijackThis, you will note it specifically tells you not to use the Beta version. Please remove the Beta v2.0.3 HJT and delete the log. Use the correct version v2.0.2 when you rescan after running the other 2 programs.

    When you have finished, attach all 3 of the logs for review.

    A glance at the HJT log tells me the main reason for the slowness is because you have too many processes starting on boot and running in the background.
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