Firefox: The newest browser option for iPhone and iPad

By dkpope
Nov 12, 2015
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  1. Firefox isn't new, but now it's finally available for iOS. Last December, Mozilla said they were experimenting with bringing the browser to the Apple platform, they launched a public preview in September, and now it’s in the iTunes store.

    It has taken Firefox a long time to come to iOS partly because Mozilla had issues with the fact that they couldn't use their own browser engine on iOS. But Mozilla changed its mind, adhering to Apple standards presumably to get access to some of the iOS userbase.

    Those of you who are Firefox lovers will recognize the features in the iOS app: private browsing (iOS 9 only), syncing across devices, and “intelligent searches.” All good features, but nothing we haven’t seen before. A built-in perk for those who have been using Firefox for a while: log in with your info and your bookmarks and saved tabs will be right there on your mobile device.

    Because it’s taken so long for Firefox to make the move to iOS, they’ll have to compete with the entrenched use of Safari and Chrome. But the portion of iPhone and iPad users who like and use Firefox on their desktop stand a good chance of switching over.

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  2. I like Firefox on Android devices, I still use Opera mini too. It seems a bit late but who isn't? On the Linux side people are starting to jump on Chromium despite it being a piece of Google.
  3. cartera

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    Already downloaded it, Firefox sync is good but it doesn't show the toolbar links permanently or all open tabs. It also feels clunky and sluggish, a bit more refinement needed I think.
  4. Ddarling2me

    Ddarling2me TS Rookie

    Best for iphone

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