First Time Building

By Zer017
Sep 17, 2006
  1. Alright so I have my mobo in my case i got the ram installed, the PSU hooked up and connected to everything, the mobo is hooked up the the case power buttons and usb's, video card installed and the cpu/heatsink is installed and i hooked up the monitor and keyboard to test it and nothing happend. It powered up fine and all the fans were going (little green light on mobo lit up) but nothing showed up on the monitor just a flashing green light. I am setting up a SLI system and i tried at first with 2 cards and in attempts to see if it was a bad vidcard i tried one and switched them out nothing happened either time so im asumming it cant be two bad video cards. The RAM was fine it worked in my other system. No problem with the PSU for the first couple times i tried powering it up and then all of a sudden it just stopped powering up the system. It would move the fans a little bit when i pressed the power buttons the first time i tried but nothing after that. What could be the problem? I assumed the PSU just was defective but could it be the mobo that broke and made the psu do that? Aside from the power issues the fact that it didnt start up the first time is also a problem and im assuming that is either the CPU or the Mobo? Any of you expirenced builders know what might be going on?
    thanks for the help
  2. Zer017

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    nvm i figured it all out
  3. MetalX

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    lol... thats all i got to say... lol
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