Flaky System After Ghost Explorer Restore from FAT32 to NTFS

By tucana1
Jan 13, 2006
  1. Hi... I recently upgraded the main board, CPU and RAM on my PC (changing all three entirely). I also had to change my D: drive as it seems to have failed at the same time, strangely. Anyway, I did a fresh install of Win2k Pro on the 8Gb C: NTFS drive and formatted the new D: drive with NTFS as it was a much bigger drive, at 250Gb. The old D: was 80Gb formatted with FAT32. The old C: was NTFS. I used Ghost 9 Explorer to restore data files to both C: and D:. However, after I did that, the system is highly unstable, rebooting with various 'bugcheck' errors in the event log (originally, the cause of these was that the system couldn't read my faulty D: drive, but it can apparently read the new one and is not crashing as often as it was with the old drive). It also freezes up totally frequently as well. I ran memtest86 from a boot floppy to test the RAM, which appears to be OK after an overnight test. I have loaded BIOS defaults with no effect. I have removed PCI cards to eliminate possible conflicts. I can perform a Ghost backup of C: OK, but the system crashes after a few minutes when I try to Ghost D:, or indeed when I try some other backup software on it, or, it seems,when I use the data that is on it for more than a few minutes. Is it a problem extracting files that were ghosted from FAT32 and putting them back to NTFS? (I did not restore the image, just individual files - i.e., pretty much all of the content of the drive, but done file by file as I didn't want to mess up the NTFS format of the drive). I plan to buy another memory stick and swap it out with the existing one just in case.
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