Flash bios in GForce2 pro?

By PoPDragon
Apr 10, 2002
  1. I have a Hercules Profit II Pro 64Meg card. Would I gain any advantages by flashing the card with an Invidia Bios? I'm currently running 23.11 drivers from Invidia but I know its still the Hercules Bios... Is this holding back the cards performance in any way?

    Thanks, PopDragon
  2. Didou

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    It's not a very good idea to flash your Card's BIOS that way. Allthough companies such as Hercules often a slightly modified version of the nVIDIA reference board, they sometimes add a few tweaks here & there or extra features ( TV-in, outs, etc.. ) that can only function with the BIOS they provide with their card or on their website.

    Check out Hercules to see if there's a newer BIOS for your card.
  3. ToRN

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    It is very rare a bios boosts a card performance. Gfx card usualy get a biosupdate if it has a bug; like not running some programs or incompatibility issues with hardware.

    If you don't have troubles with you current bios, I see no reason to change it. And if you want to change it, get the one form the board brand except if you are sure your board is exactly the same as the reference board (mostly cheap cards are).
  4. erwin1978

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    Also, if you use the nvidia reference bios, you might not be able to use the drivers provided by Hercules, only Nvidia's.

    Personally, I don't notice any performance difference.
  5. PoPDragon

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    Thanks for your input. Checked the hercules page for Bios's and their were none for this card. Was just looking to tweak a little. I'll leave the default Bios alone....

    Thanks again, PoPDragon:D
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