Flashing Textures

By Freeman
Dec 30, 2005
  1. Recently bought a new computer, used it for one week, absouluty no problems, none at all. But suddenly, after a week of operation all textures start to stuff up at random times, completly random.. Just random flashing colours relace the texture, you can still play the games at normal FPS rates but the alll the textures just flash different colours, happens for all games...There's a pic.

    What could this possible be caused by? The fact is that it doesnt do it ALL the time, does it most of the time, sometimes i get a good gaming session without the problem, nice clear textures, then the problem sets in, starts gradually by affecting some textures, then effects more and more until all textures are flashing random colours...

    Thanks guys.

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  2. fromundacheese

    fromundacheese TS Rookie

    update your video drivers
  3. Freeman

    Freeman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Brand new graphics card, brand new drivers, latest DirectX, I dont see how that can make texture FLASH at random times and in random colours...Nevertheless, i will update the drivers again. ;)

    Edit: Nope, nothing fixed.. :(
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