Format new hardrive / installing WinXP crashes

By soma_hero
Jul 10, 2007
  1. I am trying to fix a Toshiba Satellite A65 that crashed on me awhile back. I assumed it was the hardrive so I got a new 60G and am trying to reinstall windows XP pro.

    Well it's not working and crashing at every chance.

    First, formatted the new drive to NTFS and setup was going through copying files and then at varying percentages of completeness (was different every time) would slow and down/hang or give me "Cannot copy errors" which after a few attempts to tell it to try again or skip file, caused a blue screen telling me messages about BIOS and ACPI compliance. So I updated the bios and tried to install again, and now I get to the Setup menu where I press enter or R to setup or go to recovery console, and with either choice I get a blue screen with "problem seems to be caused by file: ntfs.sys." Well this sucks because the blue screen comes before I can get to the format menu so I can't reformat the drive to erase the partial install. How can I get the drive reformatted?

    Also, when XP text mode setup I have to change to Standard PC with i486 HAL or the setup hangs at the "Starting windows setup" message.

    I have a RAM upgrade the worked fine for 2 years before the crash, so i thought maybe take it out, but if i remove it then the intial XP setup initialization gives me a "cannot copy" or error 7 or error 4, "press any key to exit."

    So with the RAM in then the setup can continue but the resulting blue screens likely suggest bad RAM.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Nodsu

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    Test all your RAM. Your original RAM may have gone bad just as well as the upgrade,
    Test the hard drive with the manufacturer utiiity. The newness of something means nothing - it can fail the very first second just as well.
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