Foxconn swaps humans for robots, US manufacturing slowly returns

By Rick
Dec 11, 2012
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  1. During summer 2011, CEO Terry Gou shared his vision of installing one million robots to help automate the most dangerous and menial tasks at Foxconn's facilities. Foxconn, by the way, manufactures many of the computers, tablets and phones sold by...

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  2. Yey ... finally ..

    if china stops .. we will all be Naked and bare foot!

    but at least with a Mac :)
  3. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 11,708   +1,887

    OK, let's recap. Electronics manufacturing will be moving back to the US. This will be at the expense of a loss of jobs on the part of the Chinese workers...Are you with me so far?

    Then, after the plant is built, any construction jobs created for Americans, will dissipate, and we will be left with a factory full of robots, (most likely made in China), and a net gain of very few full time American manufacturing jobs

    Oh well, I guess if the CEO and his henchmen (board of directors), can sit in a cushy office and watch the computers glide by, untouched by American hands, how could you not call that a win, win...?

    Will the robot's paychecks be drawn on an offshore bank account, or just the suits...?
  4. So US is full of robots? Good to know!
  5. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 8,560   +2,901

    Yeah we still have programmatic issues. We often stay up late, wake up late, fight with our spouses, ignore our kids, never agree on republican or democratic debates, pirate all our movies and music, continuously stay pissed at our boss, and never live within our means.

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