G-sync 780Ti - 1440 vs 1080 for gaming.

By Obzoleet
Nov 26, 2015
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  1. Hey guys.

    I have been looking at getting a Gsync monitor for a long time but the prices has always been a bit to high for me so I have waited and waited more :)

    I am currently playing on :

    i5 4570
    780Ti HoF
    8GB Ram

    I have been gaming on a 27"1080p monitor for about 3 years, it was 120$ when I bought it but imo it´s been a really nice screen all this time :)

    I still want to get 27" but I am torn between which resolution I should go. At first I was thinking of sticking with 1080 but it seems most monitors will be around 500$ more or less (been looking at ROG , Asus and Phillips).

    But then I tought that if im going to spend that much money on a monitor I might aswell go 1440p since I have always had a plan to get that eventually. I have then been looking at ROG Swift 27" which seems super nice and would cost 650ish$.

    BUT then I figured since I am considering putting that much fakking money I might aswell get an IPS monitor like the Acer XB270HU which is about 700$ since its an IPS with 4ms (which should be fine right?)

    But then I am afraid that my GPU wont be able to handle the pressure...At the moment I am playing Battlefront and Fallout 4 which is a breeze on my current setup maxed out (Except in big towns in Fallout 4)

    I wont upgrade my GPU until Pascal.

    What do YOU think would be the best solution?

    Personally right now I am leaning towards the ROG Swift 27" since I have always been using TN panels and been happy.

    Thanks! :)
  2. Obzoleet

    Obzoleet TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 171   +9

    Oh and as a sidenote, I generally dont play with high AA settings or at all :)

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