GameCube Troubleshooting

By Rodmar83
Jan 10, 2005
  1. Last Christmas (2003) I purchased a GameCube for my daughter. It lasted 3 months. The original warranty lasts just that. It was well taken care of, not dropped. When not in use she would put it back in the original box. It would just quit after playing for 10-20 minutes. I thought it was the power supply so I purchased a new one; same thing. For this Christmas (2004) instead of buying her a new one I decided to take a look at it. At first the fan would not run. I got it running and played it for about two and a half hours and then it died. The fan runs but the light goes on for about a half a second then nothing. The fan is still running. I have not opened the console up yet.
    Anyone have any ideas?
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