Garbled video when trying to capture

By Vigilante
Sep 15, 2007
  1. Hi there. The lowdown is that it is a XP Home PC, using Firewire, a Sony Digital 8 HandyCam, and Pixela capture software.

    Everything is OK as far as connection, but the preview window, as well as any recorded media, is garbled as the attachment shows. Along with this messed up video, is also messed up sound, just a nasty white noise screech that sounds like a ground loop, not like tv or radio white noise. Also, the color of the bars that cover the video changes gradually between different colors, this screen capture just happened to be on purple, but it also goes to green and red and so forth as the preview plays along.

    I've tweaked with all the settings in Pixela itself, no change at all. I've tweaked with the Nvidia settings, as well as installed the latest driver package, no luck at all. And I turned off all hardware acceleration in Windows, still not a single change.

    Why do you suppose the video and audio is screwed up? Settings in the camcorder? Another driver needs updating? Anybody seen this before?

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