Gday all.PC keeps spazzing out .. overheating?

By sicks
Oct 9, 2005
  1. Hi all.
    Im extreme pc nublet please bare with me.
    Lately my pc has been spazzing out when I play any games with decent graphics.By spazzing out I mean Ill be in the middle of a game everything working fine then whammo pc just go skitz.. black screen non responsive.
    Anyways after snooping around the forums I found out how to do a temp check fan check etc..

    The voltages seem fine but 1 thing I have noticed is that the cpu fan is fine but the chassis fan says n/a.

    could this be my problem?
    What sort of fan//parts will I need to get to fix this?

    Pc specs are.
    2.8 gb cpu
    asus p4s800 mobo
    512mb pc3200 ddr-sdram
    fx5200 vid
    sound blaster audigy
    no idea on psu

    thanks in advance

  2. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    Try gaming with the side of the case off and a large fan blowing into it. That helps nail down a heat problem. Also get a some compressed air and blow out the fans and power supply and check the video card fan. The 5200's run hot and have a very high failure rate. A cheap or under powered power supply can also cause those problems. Also update your video driver.
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