Gears of War installation problem

By draickin
Nov 18, 2007
  1. Every time I try to install the game I choose more options so that I can install it on a different partition than the default C but whatever I choose it starts installing on C and towards the end of the installation it stops and gives me the following message: Failed to load DLL: Firewall Install Helper Setup will now terminate. Why can't I install it on a different partition?
  2. pinco pallino

    pinco pallino TS Rookie

    dear draikin did you find an answer ? ive got the same f#k problem !!!!!
    there nothing we can do?
    i try to search in the web the "q" but i cant find a solution..
    im so upset.. its really a cheat from THE COMPANY MICROSOFT?
    A BUG...theres a thousend players whit problems for this game..
    we have to spend another time the prize for play a game..
    well tomorrow i willback th f#k shop..and i will check..
    thats amazing !
  3. cugeltheclever

    cugeltheclever TS Rookie

    Search for "FirewallInstallerHelper.dll" on the gow dvd you should only get one hit. Click and drag that file to your System 32 folder in Windows

    open regedit and goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/microsoft/windows/current version

    you'll see a registry key called ProgramFilesDir change it to the drive letter you want.

    After that i could install gow on partition f:
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