Generic Host o Win 32 Services

By Trinity
Jan 15, 2005
  1. Hi all,
    I keep getting a message from the beginning of my log on screen, when I log on to my account, I keep recieving a message for Generic Host to win 32 services ( something of that nature ). Program has to close to keep windows from having problems and get a send error report. I send it and then the computer continues to do what you want it to do. Every now and then, my desktop picture comes up only half of the picture and the other black. If a program is shut down ( if not responding) I do a contorl- Alt - Delete to bring up the task manager to end program, the program shuts down and takes the start bar with it. I'm lost on the issue. if the start bar is gone, I get the task manager to log off user, then re-enter the log on screen, if happens again. I'm frustrated, I've re-installed Windows XP home edition several times. I keep getting the same message, can anyone help me resolve this issue??

    Thanks for your help in advance...
    :confused: :mad:
  2. Realm

    Realm TS Rookie

    Could be a solution....

    Well... A firewall should solve this problem... Try KERIO free firewall. It is quite nice and has only ~10~Mb to download. You just install it in a "Learning mode". And then when it asks if you want to permit the "Generic Host to win 32 services" in trusted area... or smth like that... and you just decline it. Well that helped me when it came to my friend's computer. It looks like some kind of worm finding security holes in windows... Although I'm not very competent in that, sorry :(. But firewall definetely helped me... ;) By the way, do you have DSL - it is just that my friend who found that problem use DSL... interesting...
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