Getting disconnected when playing online games.

By MaGix
Aug 20, 2006
  1. Alright this is wat happen to me..

    Whenever i play online game like maple or dota, i have this problem of it disconnecting half way.. (this disconnecting is nt disconnected from internet, juz the game itself.. the connection to net is still there..) For example, i login to maple, play for like 10 - 15mins it will disconnect and return me to the login page.. other games will like just show me a msg saying tat i am disconnected..

    I called my ISP to check if is their problem and found out to be it is nt.. i tried to removed my rounter and using direct connection, it does not work either.. I reformatted my computer so there sld not be anything wrong..

    so i am suspecting i might have some hardware parts that might turn faulty, but i nt sure if this is true, so if anyone have any idea, pls give me a helping hand... thanks alot..

    Ps: i can surf net, download stuff as per usual.. Did a memory test run, there is no error too..

    Edit: Please use proper threads titles from now on. Thanks.
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