Go mobile with the Doxie Go Wi-Fi Scanner, now 23% off

  1. We live in a paperless age. At least we’d all like to. Keeping stacks of old bills, tax returns, printed emails and unsorted photographs laying around all over of the place eventually creates a mighty cluttered home or office.

    But when you pick up the Doxie Go Wi-Fi Scanner - now just $175 - you can not only clear the clutter, you can finish the whole job without ever plugging into a computer. This compact, portable wireless wonder quickly digitizes your items (about eight seconds per page), then internally stores up to 450 documents (or more when you plug in an SD card).

    A beast for home use, the Doxie is also perfect for professionals on the go. After finishing your scans (up to 300 on a single charge of the Doxie’s rechargeable battery), either store your documents until you get back to the office; or immediately shoot your paperwork to any iOS-compatible device via the Doxie’s built-in Wi-Fi.

    When you’re ready to dump your scanned files to a computer, the Doxie also comes with simple Windows, Mac and iOS apps to archive your scans and even perform basic auto-adjustments for cropping, contrast control and more.

    Clean up the mess at home and quit lugging around loads of papers on the road with the Doxie Go Wi-Fi Scanner, now 23% off in the TechSpot Store.

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  2. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 1,676   +780

    It looks pretty good, impressive stats, but I think the price point is still a bit high. Not high compared to similar scanners, but high as far as attracting the average user that travels. I travel every week, but the need to scan documents is fading fast. Most customers can email you documents and most hotels have small business centers with scanners and printers so to be competitive they need to be closer to $100 - 125, which may not allow enough profit to make it feasible .....

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