good comp for the joint operations game?

By Heavy_lvletal_
May 27, 2004
  1. what comp will run nice n good the joint operations game? i have the demo and i play it on a Celeron 1.7 ghz, 256mb DDR 2100 ram, Radeon 9200SE 64mb, Shuttle MV43N mo'bo', ermm, optical mouse (woot), and i get slow downs all the time. for example, when i look at the ground the comp runs fine, but when i look up i get like 3 or 5 fps...well, i wanna upgrade it to an athlon xp 2600+, and a nvidia nforce2 mobo, (same ram, vid card, optical mouse !woot!, im just changing the processor and the mobo). so is the new comp ok or whats ur opinion? i dont wanna spend more than $250. btw i dont think the optical mouse helps, but i just got it, woot.
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