Google announces Pwnium 2, $2m in rewards for Chrome hacks

By Jos
Aug 17, 2012
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  1. Google has announced it will host a second Pwnium hacking competition this October after withdrawing support for TippingPoint's annual Pwn2Own back in February. The event will take place at the Hack In The Box security conference in Malaysia.  This time……

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  2. TJGeezer

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    "French security company Vupen...'wouldn?t share this with Google for even $1 million'"

    Essence of drive-off-a-cliff capitalism: If you can make money at the cost of hurting everyone else, why not? Of course, their French government handlers might be about as patient with them for spilling the beans about vulnerable outside network software as similar agencies would be in the US or UK. I guess that would be capitalism+nationalism - the ultimate in "us vs. them" dog pack thinking. Oops, sorry, that title goes to religions.
  3. If the would-be hacker capitalist decides to hold onto potentially valuable exploits they bear the risk it is discovered and fixed/disclosed and they don't get anything. It seems Google has wisely considered that the individual would consider this risk and adjusts Pwnium payouts accordingly. The payout prize amounts should technically fluctuate based on hacker supply, demand and bacon.

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