Google Results Hijack after Trojan infection and removal

By JGRenauer
Dec 13, 2009
  1. A few week ago my son's computer was infected with a trojan that took over his machine. I was able to detect and remove the trojan files using the Avira Rescue CD. After the trojan was removed, the remaining issue has been Google search results hijacking in IE8. In an effort to solve the issue I uninstalled IE8 and attempted to reinstall a clean copy of IE8 downloaded from Microsoft on a clean computer. There is somethiong funny about the re-install since the usual "Blue e" icon did not appear on the desktop. In the C:\windows\ie8 folder, the iexplore.exe appeared to be absent. When a transferred a copy of iexplore.exe from a clean computer, I was asked if I wanted to replace the existing file (which was somehow invisible). I replaced the file and I can launch IE8 by double clicking on iexplore.exe. It runs, but I still have the Google hijack issue.

    I then discovered this forum. I have followed the 8 steps and have attached the logs. I am hoping you can assist me in getting things back to normal. Thank-you for your help.
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