Got a problem with my internet and desktop

By Crazytrooper
Sep 20, 2008
  1. Alright first of all i keep getting a "Casino" icon popping up and my desktop all the time, that if i delete with pop back eventualty.
    Now i have nod32 as an anti-virus and he didint find anything when i did a full scan of my computer wich is quite bothering.
    Also i have a probleme with google: when i do a search and i click at the result i will pop up a random website on an other window(both firefox and IE do the same).(Theres also a huge decrease of speed on both browsers)
    I already deleted all temp internet files, cache etc etc...scaned again. no result....

    Normaly i get around at solving these problems with tips on forums like this one, but no article i've read so far has helped me. So im a bit at a loss and would like some help.

    Also i often saw that "Hijack this" is helpfull but i got no idea witch file is good or not. so i saved the log for you guys just in case:
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