GPU opinions 9800x2 vs 260/280

By tastegw
Nov 8, 2008
  1. witch gpu runs better

    the 9800 gx2 or the 260/280 series

    i used these boards last year for help building this rig im using now
    and im back for more opinions

  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,185   +225

    It depends on what motherboards you plan to use
  3. tastegw

    tastegw TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 188

    this would be just an upgrade card atm for my current rig listed in specs'

    id have to recheck my psu to see if it can even handle one of these cards.



    the 9800x2 needs 580W PCI Express®-compliant system power supply with a combined 12V current rating of 40A or more

    the 280gtx needs 575W PCI Express®-compliant system power supply with a combined 12V current rating of 26A or more

    is my psu worthy of either of these cards while sitting inside of my current mobo
    asus 570 ultra m2n-e
  4. Zilliak

    Zilliak TS Booster Posts: 164

    why dont you just get a ATI card like a 4850 or 4870 which excells the 260 but not 280
  5. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,427   +27

    Your PSU barely has 28A combined on the +12V rail, which is very little for a new card. I'd recommend getting a new PSU like the Corsair 650TX, which can be had for around $80 AR on Newegg. Oh and FYI, the GTX 280 requires the same amount of current on the +12V rail as the 9800GX2, where did you get the 26A number from?

    As for a new card, go for an HD 4870 or the GTX 280.
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