Grandmother needs help.....monitor turns black

By duke7677
Dec 1, 2005
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  1. I am a 60 year old grandmother and not very good with computers.

    my computer (Compaq EVo) is driving me crazy. I could be in the middle of doing something, (e-mail, inter net surfing, playing a game) and the monitor just goes black. I know the computer is still running becuase I can hear sounds from whatever I was doing.

    Sometimes I can just restart it, sometimes I have to leave it turned off for several hours.

    Does anyone have an idea of what is going on?
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,573   +65

    This one may be tough to troubleshoot. Don't be surprised if you get asked a lot of questions.

    My first guess is the monitor/display is failing. This is actually a positive thing since it could be much more complicated and involve replacing parts inside the computer etc.. The monitor can be replaced very easily.

    One question I have is about, "I know the computer is still running becuase I can hear sounds from whatever I was doing.. When you say "sounds", do you mean music? Perhaps clicking sounds from trying to blindly navigate your computer with a keyboard, mouse and no monitor input? ;)

    If your audio is still working from user input (Like when you click on something or bring up a menu it may make a clicking sound), that means your computer is still responsive and it is probably the monitor. If your computer is still producing normal sounds at all, this is a good sign your computer is still running ok and your monitor is failing.

    Most monitors have a self video test, which is usually just a message that displays when there is no video signal to show you the monitor is still functioning. You may want to try the following.

    Verify your monitor has some sort of self-test (Do this while your computer works okay)
    1.) Turn the computer off.
    2.) Turn the monitor off / on
    3.) Does it display any graphics or messages while the computer is off? If it does, your monitor does have some sort of self test (which it should)

    Reinforce the theory your monitor is the problem (Do this when the problem appears)
    1.) Wait for the problem to occurr
    2.) Turn the computer off.
    3.) Turn the monitor off / on
    4.) Does it display any messages like when you verified it has a self-test? If you see anything on the screen, then the monitor might not be to blame.
    5.) Turn the computer on.
    6.) If there's no display, then your computer is probably the problem and this will require more advanced troubleshooting.

    You will also want to check the monitor cable. Make sure both the power (runs to your electical outlet) and vga cable (runs to the back of your computer) are tight at both ends. It could be some sort of loose cable that connects well enough for awhile, then the slightest nudge disconnects it... Then another nudge fixes it.
  3. duke7677

    duke7677 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Grandmother needs help

    Thank you for replying.

    I know the computer is still working because when I turn the computer off when I am on AOL, its says "good-bye" so obviously AOL was still functioning.
    If I am playing a game and just navigate the mouse I can hear the game working, but the screen is black.

    I will follow your recommendations later today. I have appointments and have to leave shortly.

    Thanks again

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