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By pixelfaerie08
Sep 24, 2006
  1. I have a big problem on my hands :( I have a gateway laptop with INTEL(R) EXTREME GRAPHICS 2 FOR MOBILE Driver Version: So, whenever I play World of warcraft or the sims or whatever my computer stops and then the graphics look like safe mode then an error comes up saying "Graphics driver has stopped working properly". So, then I decided update the driver to see if that would help. There was no update. Then I decided to get a new graphics card.. Turns out gateway built this laptop to where you can't change your graphics card! (The laptop model is Model: Gateway MX6025 Notebook)

    What should I do? All help is very much appreciated!
  2. mailpup

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    Generally speaking, and there are exceptions, laptops are not the best platforms for PC games partly for the reasons you've already stated. Many games are not guaranteed to run on laptops, even though they have desktop equivalent hardware, as the games aren't always tested on laptops. That said, if you still want to use a laptop for gaming, clearly you'll have to get another one since you can't use the one you have and you can't upgrade it.

    An alternative is to get a suitably equipped desktop PC and play your games on it. Just keep in mind the minimum and recommended specifications of the games you would like to play and make sure the PC you want to use/get/buy/build meets, or better, exceeds them.
  3. Tmagic650

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    laptops that have enough video power to run most games are terribly expensive. You shouldn't be surprized that your laptops video is not upgradable... The video is not a card, it is a chip on the motherboard
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