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By ttwwfc9
Jan 27, 2010
  1. I have had Fifa installed on my PC for a while and played it with no problems until today. When I loaded it, after a short while the colours went funny and it became pixelated so I exited thinking it was just a problem with the game but I've noticed a lot, if not all of the icons on my desktop, start menu etc are pixelated as well as the cursor. Ive tried some of the things the start menu help suggests but nothing helps. Is this my graphics card dying or could it be something else?
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    If the pixellated graphics appear outside of gaming. i.e. at startup and with just the desktop up and running then the card's Vram is likely about to need burial arrangements made.
    If it just happens during gaming then try lowering the visual details to see if it lessens the problems.
    You can check to make sure any attached power cable is secured correctly. You can also check to see that the card isn't blocked with dust. If the card is still under warranty then DO NOT disassemble the card to clean it.
    In my experience once a card starts artifacting on a large scale, there is no way back.
    Check these screenshots against what you see on your computer
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    Yeah, thats kind of what I see, maybe not as bad as some of those pics. I left it overnight and tried cleaning the card and it started up normally, all the icons were fine. Then I loaded my game and that started normally, but then it started going funny after a minute or so, so I exited and the icons on the desktop had gone funny again as well. I know nothing about computers so does this still sound the graphics card dying to you?
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