Graphics troubles?

By beef_jerky4104
Apr 5, 2007
  1. I have created this thread for the purpose of education. It seems a lot of people actually use the driver disk that comes with there video card.

    First off Drivers are software that allows the operating system to communicate with the hardware. Often there are problems with these drivers so video card manufactures are always making updates.

    I'm assuming that your using either an nVIDIA or ATi video card.

    If you have an nVIDIA GeForce video card go to and download the most updated versions. All you have to click on Download drivers in the upper right. You'll be promted with information about which video card you have. its simple just choose your Graphics Driver then Your brand of video card. Then what operating system you have.

    If you have an ATi video card go to Look at the upper right and choose Drivers and Software. Then choose your operating system. Then series of video card you have. Then the model.

    If you don't know which model you have. Click on the Start menu. Then run. And type in dxdiag. Wait for a moment, as dxdiag figures things out about your PC. Then click Display. And it will tell you about you video card.

    When downloading the drivers understand it may take sometime if you have dial-up. Be patient, you want to solve your problem right?

    If that doesn't work or you already have the latest drivers. Proceed to In the upper section of the website. Depending on your video card you can either choose ATI Radeon or Nvidia GF. Simply follow the instruction that the site tells you. Download the drivers and hopefulling that solved your troubles.
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