Greetings fellow Gamers and Geeks

By Korvet
Oct 4, 2008
  1. I am Korvet (Korean Vet, Viet Nam also). While in service I managed to get my BS in mathematics after 6 years of night school, etc. I have posted my system specs in my profile if you might be interested. But it is just typical techie stuff. Though at this point in time (Oct 2008) it is a bit bleeding edge. I am retired from IBM (1987) and DEC (1992 "golden parachute") now HP . I received the first IBM PC shipped from Boca Raton for internal evaluation and comment early in 1981. That first PC included a game called "Adventure" I was hooked. I have been a gamer ever since. My favorite games are FPS, RPG and MMOs. BTW as of this writing, I am 73 years old. I am probably the oldest player on EQII. Or on Age of Conan, D&D, and LOR as well... lol. In the course of building my latest desktop I encountered a few problems and have used these and other forums to search for answers. So, I decided to enlist err enroll here in TechSpot.
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    Welcome, Korvet. Enjoy your stay here.
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