Greetings from the Darkside!

By KrisMcNic2!
Feb 14, 2008
  1. After 15 years of faithful service my old 386 25 MHz finally died. I was the grateful recipient of a real deal on a Pent II 333 MHz with Windows 98SE which made me very happy as I could still run all of my old DOS programs which I use daily, however Windows is in French & I will convert it to English as I find the translation very bad & I am sure there are things missing in it.

    I have been browsing through this site for the last couple of days & have found it very friendly & informative, but I have to improve my Search skills as when I looked for "How to Install Windows", I got 200 hits but nothing really relevant or what I was looking for but still learned a few things. Now I know it is there somewhere because I saw it a couple of days ago as a Tutorial? but I will find it again.

    Friends? & Family? are quick to offer help but they never come through as usual, so I hope that you will become my new Friends & Family. Please bear with this old Sea Dog as I was a whiz in DOS & am able to blunder along in Windows & the Internet but I will need some help from time to time on the Tech stuff & Procedures & hope to post my questions in the appropriate Section.

    It was a real pleasure to find your community & maybe I could even help from time to time with what I have learned the hard way. Now everybody have a good day!
  2. kimsland

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    Hi KrisMcNic2! :wave: what a nice hello, but the darkside?
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