GTA San Andreas

By Didou
Jun 11, 2005
  1. Now that this is out for PCs, instead of crowding the old GTA thread, why not create a new one ? ;)

    It comes in a nice book-like package called "San Andreas tourist guide". Before installing this game, make some room. The complete install takes 4.7GB & with Half-life II aready taking about 5GB (with CS:Source & HL:Source), space is becoming rare on my games partition. :p

    Other then that, it's smoot sailing. Works fine in 1280x1024 with view depth set to max on my system. Besides the size of the maps, not much has changed visually. The good side to that is that it doesn't take too much ram, you can easilly ALT-TAB out of it, do something else & come back to the game as if nothing had ever happened.

    I haven't played much yet, going back to it now. ;)
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