Guild Wars FPS Problem

By Counciler
Apr 8, 2007
  1. Hi there, I have a problem with Guild Wars. I get like 7-17 FPS all the time. I run at 1440x900 resolution, I use an nVIDIA 7900GT and have over a gig of RAM. I dont get what the problem is. The high resolution is new, I used to run at 1024x768 when I had my old CRT moniter. I had the FPS problems back then too, so it cant the the resolution. I get minimal lag as well.

    Changing the graphics/sound/game settings to 'improve' performance does nothing to help. As of typing this post, I am using the -image command line to try to download ALL images used by the game to reduce download times on loading images.

    I have a massive house fan blowing directly into my case, so it shouldn't be a heat problem. That was suggested by the Official support team as their closing statement after failing to solve this issue. Didn't work.

    I am lost here, I loe the game, but I cant play with this kind of low FPS. Even Oblivion runs better than this. And that game is a freaking BEAST!
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  3. Counciler

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    I don't use a router, but thanks for the information! Or does port forwarding help non-router users in some way also?
  4. Mictlantecuhtli

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    What kind of ping are you getting? There's a small dot in the lower right corner that shows it when you move the mouse over it, it's either green, yellow or red.

    And which CPU do you have?
  5. Counciler

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    Green ping.

    Intel Celeron 2.93GHz
  6. Counciler

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    hello? any ideas?
  7. Counciler

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    Hello? Comon people, dont leave me hangin!
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