Guitar hero 3 (pc) video card

By eweaver
Dec 27, 2007
  1. ugh! i just got guitar hero 3 for my pc. i install it and go to play it and the thing says "this game does not support your video card" or something like that. my computer is rather new. its a dell w/ xp. it should be up to date. what do i do? i really dont want to spend money on a new video card, but i really wanted to play this game. ive waited a long time to play it, and now i cant. should i just take the game back and get something different? do i spend the money to get a new video card? maybe is there anything out there where i can update my video card online. please help me!!!
  2. eweaver

    eweaver TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you. i did the system requirements lab thing and it is just way too much money to do all the upgrades that you need to play the game. it really sucks. i'll have to just try and trade it in for the ps2 version or something. thank you anyway
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