Hard drive ageing slowing things down?

By rliu
Apr 14, 2006
  1. This may be a question many have asked before but can the ageing of a hard drive have significant effects on your computer's performance? The one in my current PC is about four years old and I can say for definite that my computer is slower now then it once was. I'm not surprised by any means but was wondering if this is more due to more programmes and memory being used or because the hard drive is becoming worn out?
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    Really the only thing that would make your drive slow down with age would be bad sectors. After that its most certainly software related.
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    Following on from this, what's the normal age span for a hard drive under non-intensive use i.e. 5-8 hours a day?
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    cleanup (ie delete) old junk no longer useful
    empty \temp \windows\temp
    \Doc & Settings\$yourlogin\Local Settings\Temporary Internet files

    run chkdsk /f from SAFE MODE

    THEN defrag the HD while still in SAFE MODE

    ::- your disk will then give the best it has to offer :)

    If you're still concerned, look elsewhere, eg: memory usage, number of
    concurrent programs running
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