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By Petree
Sep 22, 2007
  1. Dell inspiron 8600. Now that I have crossed the 2 pins on the motherboard which was very time consuming & removed the tags and password I get a grey screen saying the hard drive is password protected. Now what do I do?
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  3. Petree

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    I disconnected the cmos battery like you said. I had to reset the time. It still goes to gray screen, says I need password to hard drive. Can the password be retreived? I can install my Dell windows xp operating system cd and it will load everything up and then it says cannot find fixed disc or hard drive. Does this mean I can replace the hard drive and reinstall operating system?
  4. Petree

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    Well thanks for the help. Today I went to staples and bought a new hard drive. Installed the Dell xp operating disc and a couple hours later I was up and running. It would have been nice to have retreived all my information from the hard drive though.
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    Sometimes you can't save what you want... Good luck
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