Hard drive Unknown in Bios screen

By techlover
Aug 23, 2006
  1. I have a Dell Diminsion 4300. When I bring up the bios screen, only Primary Drive 0 (PD-0) has information. Primary Drive 1 and the two Secondary drives have 'unknown'. Presently they are set to off. In actuality, there are three IDE drives, PD-1 40 GB, SD-1 40 GB and PD-0 120 GB.

    How do I get the bios to see the information for the two 'unknown' drives. Usually this isn't a problem for me when I run Windows XP but apparently grub (Linux) requires this information if I don't want to do the grub-install on PD-0.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Rick

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    Well, there's a reason for this... Maybe the jumpers aren't set correctly, maybe a drive or even both drives have failed, maybe there's a BIOS/firmware issue or maybe your cable is damaged or maybe.... you get the idea. :)

    As you may know, the BIOS is totally independent of the OS and even the boot loader. GRUB, LILO, NTLDR... Doesn't matter... Your BIOS should still detect the drives.

    I'm a Linux newb, but whenever I've had GRUB installed (via Redhat & Fedora core setup), I've never had to put in any geometry data or anything like that. So there might be a way to get GRUB up and running without that information, yeah? Try the Alternative OS forum for more details on that. Best of luck.
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