Harddrvie Malfunction

By bneumohr
Mar 13, 2004
  1. I'm having a problem. I updated my drivers at windows update (bad idea) and then my computer started giving me stop errors. I fixed that problem tho and found out that my modem's driver wasn't good... Anyways, the problem i now have is that my hardrive is messed up.

    I have 3 partitions: 1 for programs, 1 for misc, and 1 for windows.

    I cannot access the first two. when i double click on them it says that that partition is not formatted. Then, i thought "well, i better for mat them then". So i started to for mat drive C:, the first partition. After it was done, i got an error message saying that that partition cannot be formatted.

    My question is, since formatting through windows isn't letting me format my drive. do you guys think that formatting it through dos, before i start up windows might work? If so, then where can i get a program to create a floppy that will do that?
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    all you need is a bootdisk in order to format the partitions. there is a relative link in my signature. I am not quite sure I'm following your problem here, maybe some more info is needed, like what version of Windows, which partition windows resides on, and is this an affected partition. Checking for errors on the partitions might be a good place to start.
  3. bneumohr

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    I'm running Windows Xp, the windows partition is the only partition that is not infected. I am not able to run diskcheck on any of the infected partitions. I am on the windows partition though, which comes up negative for any errors.

    Also, you boot disk list is VERY long and i have no idea what i'm looking for.....little help please.
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