Hardware Failure & Driver Errors - ATI Radeon 9550?

By sneakazz
Jul 5, 2006
  1. Hi,

    I have read & tried so much stuff on the following issues and now feel I really need some help.

    Basically, I keep getting the following errors:
    "Hardware Failure" (mainly)
    "IRQL Not less or equal" (occasionally)
    "Device Driver" or "Video/Graphics"(occasionally)

    I started getting these with playing games at first but now seem to get it with simply surfing.

    I checked the event logs which only said "SYSTEM ERROR 1003"
    I check my cpu temp which is always around 40c so ok.

    After reading about possible causes I decided to check my ram. I used some spare ram from another pc, swapped, paired, unpaired etc but still got the same issues.

    I downloaded the latest drivers for my mobo, graphics card, & sound - No Joy

    Then I tried to repair windows. When doing this however, I got a BSOD. I couldn't do anything - it would go to the BSOD immeadiatley.

    Luckily, I had used that hard drive purely as a boot up drive so was able to instal it a fresh on my slave.

    However, I still got the same errors. Next I decided to remove my graphics card & drivers to test with just the on-board graphics card. So updated the drivers.

    It seemed to work for about half a day but then started crashing again with the same hardware/driver errors but alot less frequently.

    What am I missing? Does the fact that I get a hardware error necessarily mean I have a hardware error or could it be a driver problem? I am pretty sure I have all the latest drivers but it wouldn't suprise me if I was missing something.

    Or, is it likely I have a CPU/MOBO/PSU problem?

    I know this is long winded but Ive been trying to sort it for a couple of weeks now.

    Thanks in advance.

    PC Spec:

    ASRock K7S41GX
    512mb ddr ram (plus various 256 sticks)
    AMD Athlon XP 2200
    Seagate barracuda hard drive
    NEC dvdr
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