hardware problem???system just hangs

By s70012
Aug 17, 2006
  1. i was installing a new floppy drive & something went wrong. system hangs with just the P-4 picture on screen on bottom I have choice tab to show post or del to enter set up. Problem is tab w/not show post nor will del enter set up. I reset cmos, I repluged in everything one at a time. I held ondown the tad a power up it showes on post only processor and memory & when I held down del at power up it says set up but thats it nothing happens.I'm totally lost can anyone help me?
  2. How many CDRs/DVDRs do you have installed? How many HDs?
  3. s70012

    s70012 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    1-dvd-r,1-cd-r/w, 1 h/d and the floppy. orginally I built this machine w/out a floppy. I was only installing it because my dell took a dive when I was reinstalling norton and I needed to may boot disc.
  4. s70012

    s70012 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    also at power up there is only one beep but you can hear all the drives coming up
  5. I'm assuming the computer boots w/o the floppy installed; therefore it's either something wrong w/ your PSU or your BIOS. The floppy drive may just not work right. Just go buy a new one @ - or get an external one.
  6. s70012

    s70012 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thats part of the problem the system will not boot up it hangs at the first phase I cant even get the cd-roms to open so I can try booting from xp disc
  7. s70012

    s70012 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    as I mentioned I tryed to eliminate each devise starting w/the floppy to find the problem but I can not clear the screen from hanging @ the pentium-4 picture which is the first thing it shows before at start up sequence. I got it down to only having the m/b pluged in and I get the same thing.
    any suggestion?????
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