having trouble with AOL

By bkd39
Nov 22, 2005
  1. I installed AOL but it keeps telling me that it has to add features and restart the computer. I can't even get to the point where i have to set it up.
  2. Tedster

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    I strongly discourage installing AOL it is full of bloatware and adware.
    Most of its software will also interfere with other stuff.
  3. poertner_1274

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    I agree Ted. I have seen nothing but problems with AOL on most computers. Especially with their newest version which contains all sorts of crap.

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  4. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

    The problem is AOL is marketed to those who tend to have the least computer experience and knowledge. (Those who are poor and can only afford dial-up.)
    Most dial-up service software is pure garbage and full of adware/bloatware crap.

    My father has MSN dial-up and I had to root out most of the garbage just to get the dial-up access on his computer.
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