Heaps of BSOD. 5 Minidumps included

By Josho495
Dec 24, 2007
  1. Hey guys,

    I have had about 10 BSOD, but don't know what it is. I have updated all my drivers and checked my memory with memtest with no errors.

    The BSOD are all random as well. Some in while playing games, watching movies and some just after computer is brought out of standby.

    Here are my minidumps.

    Attached Files:

  2. devil_himself

    devil_himself TS Rookie Posts: 23

    BugCheck 1000000A, {0, 2, 1, 805219c4}
    Probably caused by : memory_corruption ( nt!MiRemovePageByColor+66 )

    bacfbaa8 80521eee e87f2100 885d0168 884e68e0 nt!MiRemovePageByColor+0x66
    bacfbac0 80514bc6 00000400 000004c0 886b70c0 nt!MiRemoveAnyPage+0xbc
    bacfbaf0 8051568f 00010000 885d01f8 885d01f8 nt!MiResolveMappedFileFault+0x4dc
    bacfbb34 80515855 00000000 cc020000 c0660100 nt!MiResolveProtoPteFault+0x195
    bacfbbb8 8051f525 e87f2100 cc020000 c0660100 nt!MiDispatchFault+0xf1
    bacfbc24 8051a39d 00000000 cc020000 00000000 nt!MmAccessFault+0x877
    bacfbc84 804e1a89 cc020000 00000000 80558698 nt!MmCheckCachedPageState+0x601
    bacfbd34 804e70a2 8a7ab730 80563720 8a7b7da8 nt!CcPerformReadAhead+0x20b
    bacfbd7c 805379bd 8a7ab730 00000000 8a7b7da8 nt!CcWorkerThread+0x150
    bacfbdac 805ce84c 8a7ab730 00000000 00000000 nt!ExpWorkerThread+0xef
    bacfbddc 8054532e 805378ce 00000000 00000000 nt!PspSystemThreadStartup+0x34
    00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 nt!KiThreadStartup+0x16
    BugCheck 1000000A, {789697c, 1c, 1, 8050186e}
    Probably caused by : ntkrpamp.exe ( nt!KiInsertTimerTable+4e )

    CURRENT_IRQL: 1c <<--- Clock Level IRQL , Hardware Related

    Suggestion :-

    1.Run "memtest" to stress the ram. Reset the memory stick to another slot.If You have More then one Stick of Ram Take out one memory stick And Run "Memtest" on each separately . If windows does not crash, the removed memory stick is faulty.

    2.Check the temperature of the CPU and make sure that it is not overheat. Make sure that the CPU fan works properly . Try Changing It

    3.Clean the dust inside the computer case

    4.Make sure that your PSU have adequate power For all the hardware.

    5.Update Video Card Drivers,Reset video card.
    6. Run chkdsk /r at command prompt

    7.Upgrade BIOS, Run Microsoft Update, Check All The IDE Cables
  3. Josho495

    Josho495 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 34

    Thanks champ.

    I had 4 gig memory and now only using 2. Thought it might have been a memory fault. I ran memtest on the 2 gigs I have at the moment and received no errors. I will swap them for the other 2
  4. devil_himself

    devil_himself TS Rookie Posts: 23

    Rum Memtest On Each Stick Separately
  5. Josho495

    Josho495 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 34

    For how long should i run the test on each separate stick?
  6. devil_himself

    devil_himself TS Rookie Posts: 23

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