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By h_pavon
Mar 10, 2004
  1. Wassup guys!!!

    I keep my system in the same room I sleep, I've been trying to finish some downloading at nights while I try to get some rest but the CPU fan keeps me awake..... I have a Thermaltake Volcano 7 (noisy as hell) and was thinking on replacing it with a Thermaltake Volcano Silent Boost but I'm not fully convinced that it would be quiet enough..........

    What would you recomend for around $25.00???

    Thanx in advance!!!.......
  2. Masque

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    I put a Silent Boost on a friend's new rig a couple weeks ago and it is most definitely much quieter than his old system....though not quite as quiet as mine which I attribute to the 120mm case fans in mine.

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  3. lowman

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  4. Moimit

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    hey i am new here. it doesnt have much to do with the cpu cooler as much but i have a volcano 11+ and a 2600+@2.3 anyway. i have a sapphire 9600pro ghx card and it keeps overheating and i need to be able to play. no temp monitor. no overclock. locks at 1600x1200@75hx32b 16xAf 6xAA in most games and i like the quality. would a Vantec Iceberq 4 work nicely or what should i get?. i also have stock cooling with some very nicely applied Arctic Silver5. thanks. a silent boost is great some of my friends got them just stock up in airflow to it ie. case fans.
  5. Masque

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    Is this the "Ultimate" version of Sapphire's card with the passive heatsink instead of the heatsink/fan combination? If so, I'd take a look at how you've got it placed and potential air movement/stale air space.
  6. (=DoM=)

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    I swear by my Extreme Volcano 12 (here)
    at max RPM its extremely noisy (5500rpm), but when running at 4000rpm its much quieter than any other HSF ive had. Plus ive ehard the heatsink you get with it performs better than those ThermalRight SLK's, I recommend you get the Extreme Volcano 12 :grinthumb
  7. Moimit

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    it is not the ultimate. i wish it was it is just a good sapphire card
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