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By BigTim
Nov 25, 2006
  1. I am looking for a forum for Mozilla FireFox, especially the latest version (2.0).
    I am especially looking for anyone having problems (even older versions) with loading pictures on the browser (such as on eBay listings)
    Can someone direct me ?
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    Hello and Welcome to TechSpot!! :)
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    Thank you and I hope I can contribute things to this board
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    The Answer

    I have the answer to my own question. It will probably come in handy to others who run the Mozilla FireFox browser and have this problem.
    Hope this helps some.
    Images don't load

    Make sure that you are allowing all images to load and that images from specific sites are not being blocked:

    * In Firefox, look under "Tools -> Options -> Content (Web features in 1.0.x)" and
    o Make sure that "Load images" is checked ("Load images automatically" in Firefox 2)
    o Make sure that "for the originating website only" is not checked. In Firefox 2, this option has been removed from the user interface [2]. Use about:config to make sure that the preference permissions.default.image is set to "1", the default value (right-click and select "Reset" if any other value is shown).
    o Open [Exceptions] and remove any sites being blocked.
    * In Mozilla Suite, look under "Edit -> Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Images and
    o Make sure that "Accept all images" is selected
    o Open [Manage Image Permissions] and remove any site listed with the status, "site cannot load images".
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    Thx... and welcome to TechSpot
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