Hello and perhaps obvious observation!

By shortbreak
Dec 26, 2006
  1. Hi everyone.

    I am shortbreak and have been around computers since the 'Sinclair' days. I do not get too 'techy' as I am more concentrated on the utilisation of the computer and associated software to deal with administration, web development, and image manipulation through the use of MS Office products and Dreamweaver and Photoshop, which I utilise to gain some experience to assist young children that attend a learning centre in Tower Hamlets where I provide some voluntary assistance in those areas. I have my own web site but hasten to add, my experience is self-taught over the years and is by no way an implication of having a thorough knowledge of any of the afore-mentioned programs.

    I came across this forum because I had an issue that was proving problematic to resolve in that I was getting 'blurred' pictures when I downloaded my site, or others to that matter, in Internet Explorer (v.7) and could not find a way to resolve that in the IE settings.

    Coming to the forum gave me an idea and although everything pointed towards tweaking some settings in MSN, I eventually tracked the required problem to a piece of software I have installed to improve internet speed, ONSPEED! This also has the ability to speed up download by reducing image size and it was those settings that were causing images to download as low-res.

    It may be the case that this observation may help one-or-two people.

    I have listed my own web site (nothing out of this world) and perhaps some of you may find the site of some interest!

    I must admit - computing is certainly an interesting hobbie!

    A Happy New Year to everyone
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