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By dannydy
Sep 26, 2006
  1. :) hihi everyone,i'm danny came from malaysia,now i'm doing my degree,software years already.
    i get in tauch of this forum becuase of my computer get effected my virus and spyware,so i joined this forum,seek for help.beside this i also wanna to learn something that i dont know.
    i worked as a technician for 2months in computer service department,and 2 months as salesman in computer service department.All the experience and troubleshooting techique i learn from computer service department. My supervision taugh me a lot troubleshooting skill.
    last time i always get spyware and virus, because of i dont know what to solve and what to do, so i format my troublesome everytime format my com,spent me about 3hours plus.
    Hope from here can gain experience and improve my skill from you next time can help my friend to fix their com.thanks
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