Hello everyone, I am 27 and as you can tell by my user name, I like Dells

By dellguy
May 27, 2010
  1. Hello all, you can call me dellguy. I am just a noob at this. I studied some A+ study guides before but have just recently gotten the guts to drag out my surgical gloves and scapel to perform surgery on a pc :) It was officially pronounced dead a week ago. I am learning though and with the help of this forum, I hope to not have to pronounce another patient dead.
  2. jorgee64

    jorgee64 TS Member

    ja ja ja ¬°Hey there! I like dell computers too...well just recently. I had a Dell 1420 laptop and it was hell. ja ja ja The sound stuttered and whatnot and sent it for repairs for like 6 times. I had that computer for 2 years until dell just decided to give me a new Studio laptops instead as a replacement. IT WORKS...GREAT!! ja ja ja
    anyways I like performing "surgery" too ja ja ja you learn a lot too. :)
  3. dellguy

    dellguy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah, hands on experience is the best way to learn. I can read it in a book all day long but when I get my hands inside a PC case I seem to retain the info easier.
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