Hello from Spain - problem with ventilation on ASUS portable

By jepax
Jun 13, 2005
  1. I have a portable computer : ASUS Series A1, and was curious to know how I could get ride of the continuous ventilation process which keeps running all the time. This has happened for the past few days now, and when I read the CPU temperature value ( 59ºC / 138ºF ), it doesn't seem to justify the continuous cooling process.
    Would it be possible that upon startup, somehow a vxd file ( or other ) is loaded unnecessarily, and provokes that process ?

    Thanks, Cheers !
  2. kol_indian

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    Hello and welcome to techspot :wave: :wave:

    Regarding your problem i went to the asus and there is no information about that product can post some details abt u notepad, second what kind of cooling solution are u using now
  3. jepax

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    cooling system on ASUS

    Hi Kol_Indian, thanks for replying.
    To be quite honnest with you, I have no idea what kind of cooling process I have installed. It came in as a default ventilation system with the ASUSTek motherboard, A1B version 2.3.
    How can I find that out anyway? Do I have to physically open the portable computer in order to see the model ?

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