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Hello! I'm new here and found this site useful

By maxy ยท 12 replies
Jul 8, 2008
  1. Hi,

    Got stung by that nasty System Alert trojan and found this site while investigating how to get rid of it.

    I run a Dell desktop with Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3
    (not a new machine and I'm due for an upgrade..ysy!) Pentium 4CPU 2.80GHz
    2.79 GHZ 1.00 GB of RAM... nothing fancy. I'm not sure of the other hardware specs though.

    I followed a few threads and found the folks here friendly, informative and interesting! I live in Rumney NH and work for Plymouth State University as a programmer. Thank
    you for the time you put into all this!
  2. mrlwilliams

    mrlwilliams TS Rookie

    new here to got a big problem cant get past my log in screen my password wont work you know i cut on my pc. it says log in but my password dosent work how do I get pass that dose some one care to tell me.
  3. maxy

    maxy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Logging in

    Hmmm.... Is this a home computer or work? This happens to me sometimes when I just get sloppy on the keyboard and transpose letters. I just slow down and retype. I don't know a work around but if it is a work computer maybe someone there can help you if something changed your password? You haven't change your password recently have you?
  4. mrlwilliams

    mrlwilliams TS Rookie


    nope I didnt do that I am still trying and its a home pc.
  5. mrlwilliams

    mrlwilliams TS Rookie

    now i have another problem my ***** sister in law is snooping through my history and flagging this and tracking me when i use her pc to check my emails she is the administrator and snoops through email and changes your passwords so she knows what they are how do you stop a bithc liuke that.
  6. maxy

    maxy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Home computer

    I'm going to search around and get back to you but in the meantime - did anyone else have access to your machine?
  7. mrlwilliams

    mrlwilliams TS Rookie

    oops like. and it ryms with witch
  8. mrlwilliams

    mrlwilliams TS Rookie

    just my wife and she didnt change anything on it
  9. maxy

    maxy TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I see someone does/did have access to your computer! She may have changed your password.... I'll see what I can find out for you... Is this your own pc or is/was this a shared one? If it's your own pc, I'm wondering why she is the administrator!
  10. maxy

    maxy TS Rookie Topic Starter

  11. mrlwilliams

    mrlwilliams TS Rookie

    no since i cant get into mine i'm using hers and she is nosy we went to our nice's house in NC. caus she had a babby and she went up got on her pc and went through her stuff saying oh i was trying to check my email she dose this all the time i work from home and her pc has the programs that i need to use on it but this is a bit much don't you think
  12. maxy

    maxy TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Yes, definitely a bit much yes! I just went to that site to take a look.

    The person who used it had to a couple of times. He says it's reliable and safe. There are three steps to it. You will need a bootable floppy - they tell you how to set it all up on that site. Let me know how it goes!
  13. mrlwilliams

    mrlwilliams TS Rookie


    Hey thanks i got into my pc today HURAY! but i still need to stop her from going through the emails and things. when i need to use her pc since its newer it has all the upgrades on it.
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