Hello people and thanks for great site!

By girlinbluedress
Jun 15, 2009
  1. Hello everybody and anyone!

    New to this site as a member, but have viewing as a guest for about week.
    I had to join, because this is one of the better sites I have seen for info, support and even when people have asked questions as a newbie, people have been kind and continued to answer question after question, lol.
    And I joined as I have defined questions that I need answers to, but for once this seems like a place where I will recieve answers I need!
    So thanks to the people who helped make this site a great place to vist!

    and registeration was quick,easy. big thanks for that!!

    I am a semi tech. did a building and basic repairs computer course, long ,long time ago!
    But learnt by mucking about with the half put togeather computers that I own. lol
    and clicking on buttons, and when they went wrong just turning the computer on and off always work a treat! LMAO

    No1 preeve: when a computer tell you to press certain buttons, then tells you that you have press an incorrect button, and it can not acknowledge!! aargh

    But that all folks! see you on the other side .... Girl in blue dress.
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