By Butch51
Mar 5, 2009
  1. hello anyone, fairly sure I have the re-direct bug in my PC and joined your forum looking for some help. cant update av or ms update, redirected away from any and all malware downloads except adaware and intelnet, and neither made any difference, ran cw shredder, same results, looks to be no quick fix on this one that I can tech was fairly useless so far. downloaded fixit, followed directions from the forum, still wont run, cant get to combofix, nasty little critter on this one. any ideas or quick fixes would be greatly appreciated. thanks for reading, if you do, respectfully, butch51
  2. Taff

    Taff TS Rookie Posts: 38

    Hi Butch,

    I think you should begin by carefully reading and following the 8 steps outlined in

    When you are done, create a new thread in the Virus & Malware section and attach your logs - use a descriptive title.

    Good luck,

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