By MadAmster
Mar 12, 2009
  1. Hi, Registered to give the answer to a problem somebody had posted. I had the same problem but I solved it, I'll put the answer in the original thread.

    Expert on IBM 370 mainframes (yes, I'm a wrinkly). Know enough about PC's to use them and where to find solutions to problems but I keep well away from the registers.....

    I don't work in IT anymore. I was a techy from 73 to 90, moved into management and got out following a dotter and stent op in 2002, necessary as I'd worked 70+ hours a week for nigh on 20 years and the stress had totally blocked the left coronary artery. Fortunately, because I do a lot of sport I got the warning signs, acted on them so didnt have a heart attack. Now I teach Web Design at a Dutch secondary school and also have my own company from where I do in company training in English, IT and Management Communication.
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