Hello :)

By MrGaribaldi
Apr 9, 2003
  1. Hello, my name is Erik, and I'm an alcoholic...

    Oops, wrong forum ;) :D

    I'm 22 y.o., and live in Norway...
    Got into computing when I was 7 (with a friends 8086), and has been hooked since that...
    My first own system was a C64 with a tape recorder (later switched to floppy)

    Bought my first system 96/97...
    It was a Dell Dimension P100c with a whooping 1 GB harddrive, 16mb ram, S3 trio 32/64, quad speed cdrom...
    I oc'ed it from 100Mhz to 133 after a couple of months to beat a friends p120...

    Got net access shortly after, and the rest is history...

  2. DigitAlex

    DigitAlex TechSpot Paladin Posts: 536

    My name is Alex, born in Moscow in 1981

    I only did one year of computer lessons (Dos/ Win3.11/TP) in 1993 in Moscow and then got my first computer in 1998, so i can seem pretty new in this digital world, but as some people can confirm (Didou) I'm not too bad though :D

    Don't forget to visit my wonderful website :p (link in the sig !)

    Cya around :D
  3. Ben713

    Ben713 TS Rookie


    I am always looking for a good resource as well as helping others with computer issues. I have been building and programming PC's since they have been available to the consumer. Built 1st system ion 1980, I am knowledgeable in DOS, Windoze (all versions) BSD, Linux ( All flavors) My home systems (5) run Mandriva PowerPack2007 (1) Windoze (wifes PC).
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